Web Tools for Podcasters

As this is my so called “last” website, I have been thinking of the other blogs and sites I have had during the years. I will keep my first blog, EGO blog, as a nostalgic thing. I will post some random stuff there, now and then. 😉 My latest “under construction” blog is located on Medium, and will be used for my new podcast, Pluck the Day.

I have used Squarespace for my first podcast, EGO NetCast, for 10+ years. I think it is time to move to a new place that is built for podcasters, e.g., Podpage and Podcastpage. What do you think? I am leaning towards Podpage, as we have already tested the tool for our podcast, The Secular Foxhole. But it would be practical to have several podcasts on the same site, as described in the blog post (How to Aggregate Multiple Podcasts on the Same Website) on Podcastpage.io.

Talking about tools for podcasters, I would like to test out Castmagic, but I have to wait until I could get a special deal

I am using the following tools and services for my podcasting work(flow):

Podcast hosting providers: Captivate and Podhome.

Recording and editing services: Alitu, Boomcaster, and Ringr.

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